SMOK UHDS 12 month licence

Original price was: £1,500.00.Current price is: £1,200.00.

Annual subscription for all Multitool UHDS interface updates issued during the subscription period. Within the subscription purchased, the user will receive all licenses issued during the subscription period for free.

The subscription is available only to holders of interfaces within the Full subscription purchased. The subscription year is counted from the date of purchasing the interface in Full version for 1 year. If the interface has not been updated for more than one year, a multiple of subscription years must be purchased.

1 year software updates start from the end of any active period.


smok uhds purchased on 20-02-2020 with no active subscription. If you purchase a subscription 20-06-2020 that subscription will start 20-02-2020 and end 20-02-2021

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