Power Probe PPESTLK Sensor Test Lead Kit
Automotive diagnostic kit consisting of a wide variety of common leads for testing vehicles and
assisting in providing fast and accurate circuit testing and troubleshooting.
This allows easy diagnosis of faults in most:
sensors • valves • solenoids • actuators • injectors starter circuits • ignition coils on European
and Asian cars, trucks, agricultural vehicles, boats and motorcycles.
It comes with a lead size guide to ensure that the appropriate one is used for each vehicle.
This kit differs from others as it includes ‘Y-style’ leads for quick connection of meters and
scopes, so no need to use time-consuming straight through leads to make up test leads.

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48 piece Kit includes:
• 33 ‘Y’ Connectors – various sizes
• Acicular Probe – Red
• Acicular Probe – Black
• Piercing Probe
• Airbag / SRS Simulator
• Enhanced Variable Resistor with Dial Indicator
• Stackable Banana Cable – 2 Red, 2 Black