Autel software updates


All MaxiSYS tools include 1 Year FREE software updates and  1 Year warranty after first registration. After the initial year expires, you can purchase an additional 1 Year software update for your machine. (this does not include warranty)

1. We will need 48hrs or the autel technician to activate it
2. Very easy to operate, no shipping needed.
To Redeem on your activation:
1. Sign in to your Autel account at Autel official website
2. Select Redeem on the left
3. Select the product
4. Enter Activation Code
5. Press OK Button to confirm

Additional information


MX808, MK808, MK808BT, MX808BT, IM508, IM100, MK906BT, MS906, IM608, MS908, MS908P/MS908S, MK908, MK908P, MK808TS, MX808TS, MK808BT, DS808, MP808, ELITE, MS905, ADAS Calibration, TS608, DS708, MS908CV, MS906TS, ULTRA, MS919, MS909, MS906BT, MP808TS, MS908S PRO, MK906Pro, MS906Pro

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