ACDP Module 9 Jaguar/Land Rover KVM


ACDP Module 9 Jaguar Landrover

Module 9 has been designed to read/write EEPROM/D-FLASH data to mask (OM12S/1M12S/2M25J/3M25J) on a locked KVM unit. This software will safely read the EEPROM/D-FLASH and P-FLASH and decrypt the MCU to allow key programming. This module comes with the software and all the accessories and you won’t need another programmer to write in a key.

This module is purely in addition to the Basic kit and is required for use can be found here >

ACDP Module 9 Function:

Support Adding key and all-key-lost for new Jaguar and land rover with the KVM module after the year 2011.

Range Rover Evoque     2011 – 2018
Range Rover Sport         2011 – 2018
Land Rover Discovery   2011 – 2018
Land Rover Freelander 2011 – 2018
Jaguar XJ                         2011 – 2018

ACDP Module 9 Features:

1. No disassembly, No soldering.No removing the crystal oscillator and capacitors on the KVM board, no damage to the KVM computer board.
2. Set anti-theft data reading and writing, anti-theft data calculation, key programming in one.
3. The interface board replaces soldering, the pin connects with intelligent detection, and the data reading and writing is safe and reliable.
4. With the key refresh function, No longer afraid of loss caused by key be locked.

PC Software installation >  here

Installation guide > here

Android installation > here

For Apple products (IOS) please download direct from the app store.

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