ACDP Module 24 New JLR(2018+)


Yanhua ACDP Module 24: New JLR(2018 )IMMO Module with License A702

Yanhua Mini ACDP Module Introduction
Yanhua Mini ACDP User Manual

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Module functions

1. Supports the new JLR (2018 ) OBD duplicate key(JPLA-14C104-AF).
2. Support the new JLR (2018 ) program new key by replacing RFA blank chip or RFA module.

Note: It is risky to replace RFA blank chip or RFA module, please be careful. We provide blank chip and blank RFA module supporting services.(the RFA blank chip and blank RFA module need buy extra)
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Module Features:

1: When writing data to blank chip, you don’t need to weld wire. App has automatic pin detection. Refreshing data is safe and reliable.

2: Our platform can automatically detect the communication condition of RFA modules, including blank RFA modules and RFA modules after chip replacement.

3: OBD programming, learning keys, simple and efficient.

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