ACDP FEM BDC Special Programming Clip


Yanhua FEM/BDC Special Programming Clip No Need Reove and Solder 95128/95256 Chip

The YANHUA FEM/BDC special programming clip is used to connect 95128/95256 chip without removing and soldering the chip when pre-processing BMW FEM/BDC module.

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Product Features:
Program FEM/BDC add keys all key lost
Clamping fast, safe and reliable, simple positioning
Function is as same as FEM/BDC puncture socket, but more easy clip, and more stable
Product Advantages:
Clamping fast, safe and reliable, simple positioning, not easy to slip.
No need to worry about how thick the paint on the chip!
Easy to solve the problem of puncture socket off!

Compitable with Yanhua ACDP, CGDIVVDIAutelLaunch X431 items together